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BITCOIN(BTC) at $20,000 per token, MAX Supply is 21,000,000.

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SG Tokens are currently 10 Cents +/- per token. 

Expected to Sell for $10.00 per token or maybe 10 times that. 

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Again, the Maximum supply of SG tokens is only 210 million.

There are currently over 2 million SocialGood users.

“The more holders of the token, the more the token is valued by the market.”

The Goal is to keep the price of SG token stable by narrowing the SG token supply in the secondary market.

With the upcoming update to the SocialGood Ecosystem™, the 2 million users who now hold SG tokens in their wallets and, therefore, on the blockchain, will make the true popularity of the SG token visible to the world.

Crypto Casey, a Youtube Celeb, a Multi-Millionaire, age 28, with a channel of 100’s of videos and 100’s of thousands of views says:

Crypto with a strong “use case” or purpose will not only survive but profit massively, in the future.

Bryce Paul & Aaron Malone, of CRYPTNATION, Crypto Revolution, and CRYPTO 101 Podcast Say’s, among other elements: 
Community, Utility, Disruptive Technology, and Timing are KEY to a Crypto’s success.

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I have provided some research on the next page,  “CRYPTO BACKGROUND”.  1ST VIDEO EXPLAINS CRYPTO AND NFTs, AND the 2nd VIDEO, is the history of Social Good and it’s founder Soichiro Takaoka.




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In REAL TIME, Conditions are DYNAMIC … Constantly Changing, and History is NO guarantee to Future Security and Earnings.

However, a basic understanding of the origins of a entity should help guide future decisions.

Under the “CRYPTO Background” tab of the menu of this site, I have provided information about Crypto Currency and the SOCIAL GOOD FOUNDATION(SG) Tokens.

As always, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH(DYOR), maybe this information will be helpful. HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!, and do SocialGood.

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